Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon
Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon

Who Am I?

While raising my seven kids, I became a successful Emmy Award Winning animation artist.

But all along, the deepest burden of my heart was my children. 

I knew that no success in the world could compensate for failure at home.

One day I remember screaming at the kids and then running to the bathroom crying out, 

“What’s happened to me? I used to be such a nice person!”

That day was the turning point  that would change my life – and my KIDS lives – forever.

My mom used to say: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”

And I saw how little things profoundly impacted my little ones.

I became overwhelmed by my responsibility and began searching for answers. 

I needed to learn how to master juggling kids, work and marriage if we were to survive.

Through trial and error I discovered the keys to manage stress, organize the workload –  and to keep my relationships intact. Thank Goodness, YOU don’t need to suffer as long as I did.

I’m ready to share the keys that unlock the treasures to:

GET the skills to manage your stress!

BE the person YOU can love!

HAVE peace in your home!

KNOW how to get your needs met!

To get clearer on your next step to a prosperous life,  

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Why do people regret? It’s because they haven’t done what they should have done.

What they COULD have done.  So many people never accomplish their dreams.
How many go to the end of their lives wondering what could’ve been?
Stop wondering.
All you have to do is step up to the plate and get in the game. 

It’s never too late. Sure, you may fail. But at least you tried. 

Where there is life, there’s hope. NOW is the time.

When I was younger, I was 
always searching for the answers in life. 
There was a piece of me missing… and that piece was ME!
I kept trying to find what would be the next big thing I could do to impact the world.

But all along it was ME!   I was what could impact the world.


You are what you need

Are YOU waiting to impact the world? Being a Mom is one of the greatest ways to do that.

There’s a saying,  “To the man whose only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

My goal is to give you more tools to tackle different problems.
The information you need is waiting for you. 

My goal is to guide you to uncover whatever is blocking you from accomplishing your dreams. 

What is your goal?
A happy family?
More time for yourself?
More energy?
Tell me!

You CAN have the energy and motivation you need to create the life you want.

Are you ready to make  your wellbeing a priority?

To take a step in the right direction?

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Take that step:



Deaunna Evans

I just finished reading your amazing 9 TIPS TO KEEP YOU FROM FREAKING OUT! As a coach to parents of tweens and teens, one of my key messages is calm parenting…you give excellent FOUNDATIONAL keys to helping parents become more responsive rather than reactive. So practical. So true.

Mrs. Appiah-Opoku

“I am a teacher in a head start program in Tuscaloosa, AL, children ages 3-5yrs. Most of these children have behavior issues and are being put on time out constantly but none of that seemed to work… After listening to you speak on TV today, I decided to get to your website. I will use your material in my classroom to help these children. Thanks for all you do. God bless you!”

Gary Schindler, Professional

“Ruth Elliot Hilsdon, founder of EDU DESIGNS is a unique and genuinely heart-centered person. I have known her for years and watched her raise her 7 children into socially aware and contributing adults. As Director of EDU DESIGNS she continues to ‘walk her talk’ by selflessly sharing her knowledge, experience and expertise, giving children a creative foundation that enriches and balances their lives… and ours as well.”